The HKCC Approach

Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne has successfully obtained outstanding real estate tax refunds and savings for its clients, which include local, regional, and national owners and tenants of properties.

Over 150 Years of Property Tax Experience

The partners of Herman Katz Cangemi & Clyne, LLP (HKCC) each have long standing and unique backgrounds and experiences throughout New York, as well as nationally, in the complex world of commercial real estate taxes. From its offices in midtown Manhattan, HKCC oversees and litigates a wealth of different properties throughout New York City, from major office buildings and hotels, to large retail projects and multifamily residential, to industrial and specialty property. From its headquarters in Melville, Long Island, HKCC handles a comparably diverse portfolio of real property tax appeals on Long Island, in Westchester County, and throughout upstate New York. Wherever the property is located, and whatever property type it is, HKCC has had success with the local assessors.

HKCC’s industry-wide reputation for integrity provides the firm’s clients with the confidence that they will receive skilled and trusted counsel through the multi-faceted and highly complex property tax valuation process. This involves more than just litigating tax appeals after an issue has arisen. It includes being involved from the underwriting and due diligence stages, providing forecasts and helping positioning properties to have as fair a property tax burden as possible from the date of acquisition or construction.

Extensive Trial and Transactional Expertise

The firm represents clients at both the administrative and judicial levels throughout New York State as well as providing additional assistance by overseeing properties throughout the country. The property tax business requires local expertise and experience, and HKCC has spent decades establishing its reputation in New York, and developing relationships nationwide to make sure the right expert is implicated in every jurisdiction. In this regard, the partners of HKCC act as outside property tax counsel for both national and international real estate operations and oversee portfolios across the United States.

HKCC combines its unique trial and transactional expertise with a pragmatic and flexible approach to meet and exceed its clients’ needs and expectations.

Providing Our Clients With Outstanding Tax Refunds

Property taxes are a major expense for most companies and a reduction in these taxes flows directly to a company’s bottom line. They are a particularly sensitive issue in New York, which has among the highest property taxes in the country.

The partners at HKCC have been at the forefront of navigating the complex world of real estate taxes for decades.