Property Tax Advisory Services

Providing clients with property tax representation means more than filing an appeal after taxes become an issue. Our clients turn to HKCC long before they close on a transaction.

A Trusted Advisor When Buying or Selling Property

HKCC’s attorneys can provide clients with invaluable services guiding them through purchases and sales of properties with an eye on property tax assessments and ways to minimize them and thereby maximize returns.

Investors and developers come into HKCC’s office with detailed economic analysis and financial projections. However, property taxes in New York are among the highest in the nation and are a critical factor in deciding if a real estate transaction will be in their best interests.

The attorneys at HKCC use the expertise they have developed in challenging property tax assessments to structure a financial model based upon client’s income and expense projections, as well as local trends in setting values. HKCC’s attorneys can then help the client understand the impact the potential deal may have on taxes and, in some cases structure the transaction to enhance the chances that real estate taxes will be at an optimal level.

The attorneys at HKCC are aware of the issues confronting property owners and always provide practical solutions to minimize taxes for the longest period of time possible.

The property tax review process should begin as early as possible. HKCC is here to ensure that taxes are what they should be from inception whenever possible. We encourage our clients to involve us during their due diligence period. HKCC will certainly prosecute the tax appeal with zealous advocacy so we can also help our clients avoid the necessity of an appeal when implicated early enough.